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Metal Bellows Couplings

Rimtec’s zero-backlash couplings provide servo-quality stiffness and low inertia for highly dynamic servo and vector drives … but without the misalignment problems that are common with traditional metal bellows couplings.

This high-performance line incorporates a unique taper lock design, which self-centers the motor shaft when assembled, and self-loosens to easily release when disassembled.

Compared to ordinary taper locks, this special clamping style is extremely cost effective in conjunction with Rimtec’s high-end couplings – it achieves highly accurate manufacturing tolerances, dramatically reduces bearing wear, slashes downtime, and practically eliminates the need to inventory replacement drives.

Metal bellows couplings transmit torque from 159.3 lb-in (18 Nm) to 44,250 lb-in (5000 Nm), on shaft sizes from .04 inches (1 mm) up to 4 inches (100 mm).

Benefits/features include:

Zero backlash, high stiffness and low inertia
Compensates for heat, pressure & elastic deformation that commonly cause axial, radial and angular misalignment
Maintenance free - built to last
Efficient and smooth power transmission
Reliability, precision, power and repeatability integrated in each unit

Several metal bellows coupling types are available:

AKN Metal Bellows Couplings with Elevated Torsional Stiffness

CK Metal Bellows Couplings for Flange Mounting

For dimensions and technical ratings of each product type, and/or mounting instructions, follow the hyperlinks above or use the pull-down menu at the top of this page.

If you’re not sure which product type best suits your unique application, try our online
selection guide, or feel free to contact our technical experts for assistance by filling out our application assistance/inquiry form.

Typical Applications

Metal Bellows Couplings

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