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Magnetic Couplings & Clutches

Magnetic couplings and clutches smoothly and cost-effectively transmit torque with servo-quality overload protection for nearly any type of industrial manufacturing. Benefits/features include:

Smooth disengagement, even during high torque
Easy to assemble and adjust
High stiffness and low inertia
Exact transmission of the rotational movement even under extreme temperatures and environments
Use for unique applications requiring reliability, precision, power and repeatability within the same package
All magnetic clutches are available in full stainless steel


Synchronous Magnetic Couplings


Provide synchronous connection to transmit torque and speed for all manufacturing applications.

Available in shaft-to-shaft, disk or shaft-flange styles, these clutches transmit force with no physical contact. They are even capable of safely transmitting torque through a wall. High-torque transmission is accomplished by the synchronous clutches’ permanent-magnet design, which consists of two multiple-pole magnetic cylinders. Torque is produced by the magnetic field across the air gap between the two cylinders.

Typical Applications

Magnetic Clutches

MDC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Couplings - Disc Type

MDC series couplings transmit torque from 18 lb-in (2 Nm) to
265 lb-in (30 Nm) on shafts from 0.25" (6 mm) to 1.125" (28 mm).
Following an overload, these couplings disengage and slip, even when used with a barrier, thus reducing the risk of damage to connected equipment.

MSV Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Couplings - Cylindrical Type

MSV series couplings transmit torque from 9 lb-in (1 Nm) to
1770lb-in (200 Nm) on shafts from 0.125" (3 mm) to 2.6" (65 mm). These barrier-type couplings -- which can be hermetically sealed -- slip when overloaded, thus reducing the risk to connected chemical pumps or other equipment.

Hysteresis Magnetic Clutches

These maintenance-free magnetic safety clutches are designed as two parts that nestle together, but without physical contact. The clutches are available in shaft-to-shaft, disk or shaft-flange styles.

Hysteresis clutches offer extremely smooth constant torque, available over the motor’s entire speed range. The torque is produced by the magnetic field across the air gap between the two sections of the clutch. In case of overload, hysteresis magnetic clutches disengage without the abrasion and jerks that limit the wear life of conventional mechanical-type clutches.

RCC Bottle Capping Clutch Adaptable to most OEM Headsets

**Special** HSV Permanent Magnet Hysteresis Clutch

HSV series clutches transmit torque from 0.9 lb-in (0.1 Nm) to 36 lb-in (4.0 Nm). These special clutches are ideal for applications such as bottle capping, unwind/rewind, brakes, and test equipment that require constant slipping with some torque.

For dimensions and technical ratings, and/or mounting instructions, follow the hyperlinks above or use the pull-down menu at the top of the page.

If you’re not sure which product type best suits your unique application, try our online
selection guide, or feel free to contact our technical experts for assistance by filling out our application assistance/inquiry form.

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