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Rimtec's advanced servo couplings meet special demands of shaftless printing

Rimtec Servo CouplingsRimtec Corporation introduces zero-backlash metal bellows servo couplings that are designed to maximize accuracy at the superior high speeds that are now possible with shaftless printing presses. 

Rimtec's technically advanced coupling design connects high-performance digital servomotors to shaftless presses. Even while transmitting high torque, the couplings are torsionally stiff, thus minimizing or eliminating wind-up and backlash. The coupling's low inertia helps optimize servo-loop gains, thus maximizing the accuracy of servo master-slave operations throughout the entire press. 

The Rimtec line of metal bellows couplings are available in shaft sizes from 0.04 to 3.35 inches (1 to 85 mm), with torque capacities up to 44,000 in-lb (5000 Nm). Collet-type clamps ensure zero-backlash for the highest accuracy. 

The company also offers servo-insert couplings, which provide the zero-backlash benefits of metal bellows couplings with added dampening characteristics where resonance is a problem. The 3-part configuration adapts to the tight space requirements in some printing stations. This line accommodates bore sizes from 0.08 to 4 inches (2 to 100 mm).

The Rimtec Corporation offers a broad line of precision servo couplings to dramatically diminish downtime and production costs for shaftless printing presses and many other demanding types of manufacturing production.

Magnetic clutches ensure smooth bottle capping

Rimtec Corporation introduces its line of HSV permanent-magnet hysteresis clutches, which provide exceptionally smooth torque transmission with servo-quality overload protection for high-production bottle-capping applications.

Rimtec Magnetic ClutchesThe compact, stainless steel HSV magnetic clutch is designed as two magnet-lined cylinders that nestle together, but without physical contact. As one cylinder rotates, torque is produced in the opposing cylinder by the interacting magnetic fields across the air gap between the magnetic materials. When a bottle cap has been fully driven down, but the timing cycle has not yet ended, the torque becomes greater than the magnetic field and an overload occurs. The Rimtec clutch then disengages and slips, eliminating the risk of damage to the bottle and capping machine. When the overload is removed, the clutch reengages.

Rimtec magnetic hysteresis clutches disengage on an overload without the abrasion and jerking that limit the wear life of conventional mechanical-type couplings. The overload torque setting is easily adjusted to accommodate differing product and cap sizes and styles.

The HSV clutches have no friction components to wear and produce contamination, making them ideal for use in food processing and clean room packaging applications.

The HSV hysteresis magnetic clutch line transmits torque from 2 to 40 lb-in (0.2 to 4.0 Nm). It is available in a threaded version or flange connection, as well as custom designs.


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